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Providing insurance and professional indemnity coverage for a range of sectors.


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If you need insurance for accountancy, bookkeeping, or any work in the financial sector, LBH Insurance are here to help.   more  

Technology providers

With new technology comes new risk, and in this regard, many technology providers find it difficult to obtain insurance at a reasonable cost.   more  

Media companies

While many media companies overlook insurance, it is vital for those companies to have the coverage required to meet any claims against their business.   more  

Management consultants

Business consultants naturally work across a wide range of industry, and their liabilities can be as diverse as the companies they work for.   more  


For the engineering industry, liability and indemnity cover are particularly important, due to the increased risk in engineering compared to other trades, and many clients will ins...  more  


For surveyors, Professional Indemnity coverage and Public Liability insurance are both vital to their trade, enabling them to practise with peace of mind and confidence.   more  


We can source a wide range of insurance policies for solicitors, enabling them to have the coverage they need to protect against claims.   more  


We can obtain for you a wide range of Professional Indemnity coverage, Public Liability and Employers' Liability insurance for architects across the United Kingdom.   more  


If you need fintech insurance, cyber insurance, and related activities, our experienced team will source the right policy for you.  more  

Space Engineers

We are specialists in the insurance industry for sourcing PI insurance, and obtaining suitable insurance packages for space engineering.  more