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We are able to source Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers' Liability for railway engineers and related companies.


A railway engineer needs indemnity or liability insurance for several reasons:

Protection against claims: Railway engineers are responsible for ensuring that the railway system is designed, constructed, and maintained in compliance with safety regulations and industry standards. In case of an accident, a railway engineer may face claims for damages arising from personal injury or property damage. Indemnity or liability insurance can help protect the railway engineer from the financial impact of such claims.

Compliance with contractual requirements: Clients may require railway engineers to have indemnity or liability insurance as a condition of the contract. Without such insurance, the railway engineer may not be able to secure work from these clients.

Regulatory requirements: In some cases, railway engineers are required by law to have indemnity or liability insurance. For example, in the UK, railway engineers must have Professional Indemnity insurance to be a member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE), a professional body that regulates the railway industry.

Protecting the engineer's reputation: By having indemnity or liability insurance, a railway engineer can demonstrate their commitment to their profession and clients. This can help protect their professional reputation and provide clients with added confidence in their services. 



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