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Technology providers

With new technology comes new risk, and in this regard, many technology providers find it difficult to obtain insurance at a reasonable cost. Here at LBH, we can source technology providers' insurance that meets your needs, and will endeavour to make sure the cost is highly competitive. In this way, you can conduct your business operations confidently and positively, with peace of mind and reassurance.


Our tech insurers will source your policy using the following methodology:

Finding out about your business: It is important to make sure we know every aspect of your technology business, and the risks it may encounter, to make sure it is insured for every eventuality. Sourcing insurance that meets your business needs is absolutely paramount in all our considerations.

Assessing available providers: Once we have established your needs, we will scour the marketplace to find those which have the technology providers' insurance that cover all your operations.

Comparing policies and coverage: It is important not simply to settle for the cheapest quote, but to make sure the coverage gives your business operations the insurance it needs, so there are no gaps in your insurance coverage.

Negotiating policies: Our team will negotiate your prospective policy, to make sure it gives full coverage for your business, and to reduce the expense where possible, for example, where the coverage extends beyond your needs.

Completing purchase: Once we have settled on the best policy for your needs, we will complete the purchase in a timely manner, making sure the policy is as cost-effective s possible.

Ongoing support and assistance: We will assist you if you need to renegotiate your terms at any time, whether you need to add or remove coverage as appropriate.

We are specialists here at LBH Insurance in providing coverage for a range of industries that require Professional Indemnity (PI) coverage, Public Liability (PL) coverage, or Employers' Liability (EL) insurance.



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