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Business consultants naturally work across a wide range of industry, and their liabilities can be as diverse as the companies they work for. For this reason, sourcing the appropriate Professional Indemnity (PI) coverage, Public Liability (PL) coverage, or Employers' Liability (EL) insurance is absolutely vital for consultants, to make sure they are covered in the event of a claim.


We help our clients source management consultants' insurance by taking the following steps:

Get to know your business: Each consultancy has different specialisms and sectors where they predominantly operate, so we will assess your business needs to make sure we can find the insurance policy and providers that meet your requirements.

Surveying prospective insurers: We will assess the marketplace for the insurers available in your sector, and find out which ones provide coverage that is appropriate to your business.

Comparing policies: Each insurance provider will have their own policy terms, pricing structure, and coverage, and we will assess each one and compile a selection for you to choose from, or simply select the best one for you if you prefer.

Negotiate terms: We will make sure we get you the best possible deal on your insurance, with a view to making sure all aspects of your management consulting practice is fully covered by your new policy.

Facilitating purchase: We will purchase your management consultants' insurance, and make sure all paperwork and documentation is forwarded to you in a timely manner.

We will be happy to source a wide range of insurance for your consulting business, including Professional Indemnity (PI) coverage, Public Liability (PL) coverage, or Employers' Liability (EL) insurance.



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