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Fleet insurance 

We perform insurance sourcing for a range of businesses operating fleets of commercial vehicles, including taxi firms, haulage companies, and private hire firms. If you are looking for insurance for your work vehicle then look no further than LBH insurance as we can offer competitive quotations from a panel of insurers to ensure that you have the correct cover that you require at a fair premium.


As we also deal with a multitude of household name insurers meaning that you can be assured that your insurance policy is underwritten by an insurer that knows the ins and outs of the insurance policies that they offer.

From policies that cover everything which is known as fully comprehensive to just a Third Party Fire and Theft policy we can tailor make your insurance policy to your needs and we can also cater for a large range of commercial vehicles from cars to vans to lorries. We can find the right insurer for your needs.




Contact Mike Stammers, our resident expert on all aspects of commercial insurance, for all enquiries relating to business insurance, fleet insurance, commercial liability, and Bi risk liability.

Mike Stammers

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