As part of our rebranding and new, modern image, we are moving from our previous premises on London Road, to a new modern office on Baxter Avenue, which is within a stone's throw of the Town Centre. This reflects a change in customer habits, where virtually all insurance is arranged online, or through telephone conversations rather than in person.

While we still welcome in-person enquiries, our new office is equipped to allow our personnel to carry out online work efficiently, and is in a quieter location. Even though we are closer to the town centre, we are away from the noisy London Road traffic, allowing for more relaxed telephone activity, and a more relaxed office in general.

Southend is a beautiful location for an insurance business, offering easy access to London, with much cheaper rent and overheads, and a vibrant hub of activity in the financial sector. With spacious parking, and a range of cultural attractions, including the Cliffs Pavilion theatre, the Beecroft Art Gallery, and the Southend Central Museum, Southend is a great place to be for any business in the service sector.

Bringing commercial insurance into the 2020s and beyond

While LBH Insurance have always been a forward-thinking company, this may not have been as apparent in previous decades. We embrace modern technology to enable our brokers to find the best deals quickly and effectively, and offer insurance to a wide range of new sectors, including space engineering, cybersecurity, renewable energy, autonomous vehicles, and e-commerce businesses.

In light of updated GDPR regulations, insuring for instances of data breach has become a vital sector for any insurance company to be prepared for. Likewise, incidents such as cyber ransom can be insured for in the modern age, and LBH Insurance are well-versed in finding a range of deals available in the marketplace in this sector.

Moving forwards, we can provide a more modern service by staying up-to-date with changing customer needs and expectations. By focusing on digital solutions, social responsibility, and above all customer experience, we will differentiate ourselves in a crowded market from our competitors.