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Be safe this Christmas

Many of us have already started to buy presents for our family & friends, so here's how to keep your home safe from burglars at Christmas  more  

Frozen pipe prevention

Frozen pipes are a major cause of water damage during cold spells.  more  

Getting your home winter ready

Here's a useful guide to ensure your property is prepared for the winter.  more  

Warning Rising Prices Ahead

Have you noticed a jump in your insurance premiums?  more  

Evidence of global warming

Insurance premiums are also increasing for many business and home owners.  more  

Why use a broker for your insurance?

Insurance brokers can provide advice and access a wide range of insurance providers to help you find solutions for all types of insurance needs, including the most difficult of ris...  more  

Are you in the hospitality industry?

Insurance policies for the hospitality industry can be complex  more  

Why do Jewellers require complex insurance policies?

Jewellers are attractive targets for thieves and robbers.  more