Many of us have already started to buy presents for our family & friends, so here's how to keep your home safe from burglars at Christmas.


Follow these rules to keep your presents out of the wrong hands this year.


Don't make it easy for them.


When you go out, or to bed, check you have shut and locked all windows and doors. Don't leave your keys in locks when you are in, as a burglar may be able to reach them through the letterbox.


Think about your family calendar and “Be careful if the dates you're away are on display and can be seen through the window,” 


Burglars can hide behind big pots and hedges, allowing them to reach your home unseen by others, so keep them low if you can.


Pretend someone's in.


Put lights on timers and leave the radio on to make it look and sound as if someone is at home.


Leave an ironing board up with a pile of clothes. “It will look like you've just popped out (but don't leave the iron turned on)

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