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The rise of luxury cosmetic dentistry offices....

The concept of ‘Turkey teeth’ has been doing the rounds of late, with a seemingly endless array of celebrities jetting off to sunnier climes for a smile makeover in recent years an...  more  

CHARITY FOOTBALL EVENT In aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital

LBH Insurance joins London Southend Airport and Couno as headline sponsors of World Cup on Sea 2024 Charity Football Event in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.  more  

OMG... Imagine working in the claims department when this call comes in!

In summary, cruise ships require a comprehensive insurance program that accounts for their unique risks, passenger liabilities, and compliance with international regulations.  more  

Aesthetics- the right cover is crucial

The UK aesthetics industry has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, so having the right insurance coverage is crucial.   more  

Do I need Employer's Liability Insurance?

No matter how careful you are, workplace injuries happen, and in the case of occupational diseases, claims can happen many years down the line. That’s why, If you employ anyone, ev...  more  

Do you need Public Liability, employers Liability or any other business insurance?

At LBH Insurance we offer advice and very competitive policies for all types of businesses, including Restaurants, Take-away's, Nail Technicians, Beauticians, Jewellers, Bed & Brea...  more  

Slips and falls by customers on your business premises is a common insurance claim

Slips and falls by customers on your business premises is a common insurance claim, as your company can be held liable for medical expenses, legal fees and lost wages that result f...  more  

Does your Business insurance include REPUTATIONAL DAMAGE?

The phrase “no harm done” doesn’t always apply in business. Reputational harm is damage that can be done to a company by a disgruntled employee, an internal scandal, or a mishap wi...  more  

Takeaway Insurance

Finding insurance for fast-food outlets, especially those with deep-frying facilities or late-night operations, can be challenging. Our specialised policy caters to these specific ...  more  

Be safe this Christmas

Many of us have already started to buy presents for our family & friends, so here's how to keep your home safe from burglars at Christmas  more